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Dr. Atty. Paris M. Finner-Williams and Robert D. Williams

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Clients benefit from over six decades of mental health expertise at notable Detroit-area institutions and government departments by Robert D. Williams, a certified addiction counselor, certified clinical social worker and licensed marriage and family therapist, and by Dr. Atty. Paris M. Finner-Williams, a fully licensed psychologist, certified rehabilitation counselor, Forensic Examiner Diplomat and Licensed Attorney and Counselor at Law.

When medication assessment or review is warranted, clients are referred to a select group of distinguished Metro-area psychiatrists.

Our Mission

Finner-Williams and Associates offers psychotherapy, mental health intervention, counseling and related professional services to help men, women and children move positively through the problems of everyday life. We are available immediately to respond to your needs.

Challenges which we can help you face include:

Work-life problems — career confusion, anxiety, weak job-seeking skills, substance abuse, poor time management, difficulty keeping a job

Life-style problems — delusions or irrational thoughts, depression, gender identity concerns, single-life adjustment issues

Couple issues — pre-marital, marriage and divorce conflicts

Conflicts with children — step-family blending and bonding, destructive behavior, dealing with negative peer pressure, delinquency, adolescent “acting out”

Conflicts with agencies — disputes over employment disability benefits, eligibility determination, or challenge of your special needs child’s educational placement


  •  Christian Counseling
  •  Substance Abuse and Stress Management
  •  Mood Disorders; such as Anxiety, Depression and Destructive Behaviors
  •  Male—Female Relationships, Family Therapy and Marital Counseling
  •  Pre-Marital Screening and Counseling
  •  Child and Adolescent Concerns and Step-Family Blending and Bonding
  •  Psychological Testing, Forensic Examination, and Expert Witness in Civil and Criminal Litigation Cases
  •  Substance Abuse Relapse Prevention Group Training
  •  Trauma Services and Crisis Intervention Services
  •  Self Empowerment Group Training
  •  Individual Psychotherapy

Paris M. Finner-Williams, Esq., P.C. LEGAL SERVICES SPECIALIZING IN:

  •  Family Law and Probate Matters
  •  Last Will and Testiments and Trusts
  •  Divorce, Mediation Litigation, and Child Custody Matters
  •  Non-Profit Corporate Matters, and Church Legal Matters
  •  Governing Board of Directors Training

We have a commitment to help you transform your life through self knowledge, then self empowerment.

Imagine a butterfly and its humble, confined life in a cocoon before taking off in flight as one of the world’s most beautiful creatures. We can help a happier you emerge, despite the roads you have traveled or the challenges you face.

Consider the experience of Nia (whose name is changed in this profile to protect her privacy).

Nia spent years in college happily majoring in a field that interested her. Yet, upon graduation, she gave in to her strong-willed parents’ pressure to duplicate their career path.

With therapy and counseling, Nia was able to overcome long-term feelings of inadequacy, be comfortable around authority figures, stand up for her true feelings, develop the courage to apply for her dream job, accept that new career path and soar. She also, through therapy, has come to love her husband, appreciate their marriage and children

We view Nia as a butterfly in flight.

All therapy is designed to help individuals understand their problems, reduce stress and make the necessary life-style adjustments.

All services are available at the most convenient and comfortable setting for those we serve, including hospitals, institutions, training program sites, our offices or a client agency’s natural setting. Our building is fully accessible to handicapped individuals.

Contact Information

313.537.1000 or Toll Free 888.955.5055
Postal address
17620 West McNichols Road, Detroit, Michigan 48235
Electronic mail
For Information: [email protected]
Webmaster: [email protected]


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